Purchase of gold-bearing raw materials

Purchase of gold-bearing raw materials

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Tau-Ken Altyn LLP purchases gold-bearing raw materials under a purchase contract.
Goods are delivered on the DAP terms (INCOTERMS 2010).

The refinery processes the following types of raw materials with a precious metal content of over ~ 10%:

1) Dore alloy (gold-silver and silver-gold);

2) alloyed, placer and cathode gold;

3) technical and jewelry scrap.

Purchase of raw materials (payment terms):

90% of the cost of gold and silver are paid on the day of delivery, subject to matching data of the weighing and express analysis, and the remaining 10% are paid at the end of the delivery month, based on the average prices of LBMALondonGold & SilverPrice, averaged for the entire delivery month, minus deductions for smelting and refining services.

Processing terms (price and recovery) vary depending on the volume, quality and presence of admissible impurities in the supplied raw materials.

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