Tau-Ken Altyn LLP Refinery

Tau-Ken Altyn LLP is a refinery for processing and refining of raw materials containing precious metals. The sole member of the partnership is Tau-Ken Samruk NMC JSC, which is part of the Samruk-Kazyna JSC Group.

The project for construction of Tau-Ken Altyn LLP refinery was implemented in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the State Program for Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014 and the invalidation of some decrees of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” No.958 dated March 19, 2010, and the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Republican Industrialization Map for 2010 – 2014” No.303 dated April 14, 2010.

The refinery construction project was implemented to solve the strategic task of replenishing the country’s gold and foreign exchange reserves and processing domestic raw materials containing precious metals.

Gold is the only monetary asset in the world that does not have any risks attributable to currencies, and the only globally recognized asset, which does not depend on any ethnic, linguistic, religious, cultural or national identity.

Commissioned on:

Design capacity:

December 19


25 tons

of gold per year

50 tons

of silver per year

The plant design is based on the best facilities worldwide in the area of precious metals refining. Considering that the refinery is located in the capital city, one of the key criteria for selection of refining technologies was environmental safety of the processes.