Tau Ken Altyn refinery is looking for cooperation

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Tau Ken Altyn refinery is looking for cooperation

Название- Описание

Tau Ken Altyn LLP refinery is offering the potential partners to consider purchasing affine silver in the amount of 2,3 tons at LBMA Silver Price. 

Technical specifications: Silver
Reference document / GOST: ST RK 933-92
Assay: 99,99%
Weight: 28,000 g to 32,000 g

Bullions have the form of a truncated pyramid with the following dimensions, mm:  
 335±5 – larger base length;
135±5 – larger base width;
300±5 – smaller base length;
100±5 – smaller base width;
80±2 – height.

Affine silver produced by the company is not on the LBMA Good Delivery List.

The offer for the purchase of affine silver should contain:  

  • Amount of discount, %;
  • Method of payment;
  • Method of shipment EXW Astana.

The offers should be sent to sm@taukenaltyn.kz by June 3, 2024