The Tau-Ken Altyn Refining Plant to Launch a New Workshop for Processing Industrial Waste

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The Tau-Ken Altyn Refining Plant to Launch a New Workshop for Processing Industrial Waste

The Tau-Ken Altyn refining plant learned how to extract gold from their own production waste. The new workshop will be able to process up to 15 tons of solid industrial waste annually, including slags and heat treatment waste.

he products of the workshop are concentrates with a high content of gold and silver. The unique technological model required technical completion, at the same time, it was possible to maximize the use of equipment and reagents available at the enterprise.

Arnur Aidarkhanov, the Technical Director of Tau-Ken Altyn LLP:

“The main difficulty associated with the commissioning of the processing shop was the heterogeneity of waste, the difference in their physical and chemical features. In the course of R&D, we needed to study the issue comprehensively, while achieving maximum extraction of precious metals”.

The new workshop will process waste from current production, as well as those that have been stored since previous years. In the future, it is possible to provide services for the complex processing of man-made waste to other enterprises.

For information: Tau-Ken Altyn LLP is a plant for processing and refining raw materials containing precious metals. The main task of refining production is to replenish the gold and foreign exchange reserve of Kazakhstan and the processing of domestic raw materials containing precious metals. Tau-Ken Altyn is included in the list of the London Bullion Market Association – LBMA and has the status of a reliable supplier – Good Delivery.

 The only participant of Tau-Ken Altyn LLP is JSC NMC Tau-Ken Samruk.

The National Mining Company “Tau-Ken Samruk” implements projects in the field of exploration, development, extraction, processing and sale of solid minerals, develops and implements high-tech and efficient technologies in the mining and metallurgical industry. Tau-Ken Samruk is a member of the Samruk-Kazyna Group of Companies, is a partner of Glencore International and owns 29.82% of the share in the authorized capital of Kazzinc LLP.