Emergency drills at Tau-Ken Altyn LLP

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Emergency drills at Tau-Ken Altyn LLP

Tau-Ken Altyn LLP jointly with the Departments of the Industrial Safety Committee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Nur-Sultan and Korgau Service KZ LLP conducted emergency drill and training on the territory of the refinery on September 17, 2021.

The purpose of the exercises conducted within the framework of the “Plan for the elimination of accidents at the plant” is the acquisition by personnel of practical skills and the ability to act independently, quickly and technically competently in the event of accidents or technological disturbances at the production facility.

According to the scenario, a fire occurred in one of the domestic premises of the plant with the presence of injured persons.

Employees of the refinery once again worked out the ability to use both protective equipment and fire extinguishing means, and also honed the order of interaction of personnel and coordination of their actions with rescuers.

The actions of the staff of Tau-Ken Altyn LLP refinery and the personnel of Korgau Service KZ LLP were positively evaluated by the Department of Industrial Safety in Nur-Sultan.